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Community Bike Programs


Sale Bikes

All of our refurbished bikes are priced for sale and ready to go home. Each bike gets put through a multi-point inspection by our volunteer mechanics. Our bike selection is constantly changing, so stop by the shop or check out our Facebook Martketplace to browse our current stock. Your refurbished bike purchase helps us produce the quality educational and community bike programing in our community.

Jim, a volunteer staffer, refurbished three bikes for our community bike programs. 

Bike Referral Program

Transportation in Cedar City has become a crisis issue. Families, especially one’s experiencing poverty, are one unexpected car repair away from losing their employment, home, and/or missing critical appointments like doctor visits. To address this serious issue, we started our Bike Referral Program in June 2021. Through collaborative partnerships, nonprofit organizations in our community can refer their clients or their client's children to us for a free refurbished bicycle or bicycle tune-up. To date, we have donated and repaired 29 bicycles to families in Cedar City through our Bike Referral program. Contact us below if you feel your organization could benefit from our Bike Referral Program!


Our friends at Canyon Creek Services picked up 2 kids' bikes and 3 adult bikes for their clients with our Bike Referral Program.  


A volunteer used his Earn-A-Bike hours to convert his son's MTB to a 1x9!   

Earn-a-bike program

Individuals and families can volunteer with the Bike Works and use their sweat equity to earn refurbished parts (frames, wheels, etc.) and stand time to either build-up-a-bike from scratch or repair their bike for free. Our goal with the Earn-A-Bike program is to increase bike ownership while celebrating our amazing volunteers all in one program. The Earn-A-Bike program is equivalent to approximately 4 volunteer hours. This is a fun, interactive experience where volunteers learn more about the Bike Works, workshop safety, basic commuter safety skills, the ABC's of bike maintenance, and get hands on time wrenching bikes. New parts (e.g. cables, housings, tubes, or brake pads) are not included in the Earn-A-Bike program.  

Annual Holiday Kids' Bike Giveaway

In Dec. 2021, we started our first annual Holiday Kids' Bike Giveaway. Our volunteers worked hard all fall to get bikes ready to go under the tree for the Holidays. Working in partnership with Southwest Utah Public Health Department, Visit Cedar City/Brianhead, and the Cedar City Active Transportation Committee we were able to gift 38 kids' bikes, helmets, and locks to families in Iron County.


Our first annual Holiday Kids' Bike Giveaway 12/18/2021.

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