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SUU ORPT students working hard getting our first workshop ready to open for the summer of 2021.

Conversations about starting a bike cooperative in Cedar City had been happening for years. In the fall of 2019, the Bike Works started in earnest when a group of concerned citizens got together to discuss ways we could help build a more active and vibrant cycling community. At that kick off meeting we discussed the guiding principles and actions we wanted our local bike cooperative to embrace and formed an exploratory committee to get the charitable organization process started. Our first goal after that meeting was to better understand the problems facing our community. Over the next year, we met with many great non-profits working directly with the underserved members of our community. We learned that transportation was a crisis issue in Cedar City, especially for individuals and families experiencing poverty issues.        

Specifically, we could help make biking more assessible by running a workshop where volunteers educate their neighbors about bicycle repair through refurbishing donated used bikes and parts. This workshop would also support individuals whose primary means of transportation is cycling, educate about bicycle repair and safety to build a more self-reliant and empowered community, and encourage children to live more active, healthier lives.  

The Bike Works has come a long way since that initial meeting and we are still learning and growing as an organization. Here are just a few of our accomplishments over the past few years:


Our first workshop opened it doors on 06/07/21. 


1. Opened our first workshop in a storage unit in Cedar City and outfitted our very first workstation

2. Started a pilot program for our now Bike Referral Program with Canyon Creek Services, repairing 2 bikes and donating 22 refurbished bikes to people in need. 

3. Held our first annual Holiday Kids' Bike Giveaway donating 38 bikes, helmets, and locks to children in our community. 

4. Helped organize 5 Cedar City Slow Rolls where 1600 attendees walked and rolled with us.

5.  Had 12 volunteers work 318 hours at 83 open shop work nights and 11 community events. Repairing a total of 150 bikes at all the community events. 

6. Partnered with 20 different local businesses, non-profit organizations, and local government officials and agencies.   



1. Officially formed the board of directors, elected leadership positions, and registered the Bike Works as a charitable 501(c)(3) organization. 

2. Educated 25 students, staff, and faculty on the SUU campus on basic bicycle maintenance.

3. Repaired three bikes for the clients of the ICCS.

4. Gave away our first kid's bike in the fall of 2020.

5. Rented our first shop space a storage unit with Cedar Storage now Storage General. 

6. Project mentored 3 SUU ORPT students who worked on getting the workshop up and running for spring 2021.  

Our first kids' bike donated to a family in St. George, UT (11/21/20).


SUU ORPT students table riders at the Slow Roll Spooktacular to help us decide on a name and logo design. 


1. Held a kick off meeting and formed an exploratory committee to start the non-profit

2. Conducted a SWOT analysis for the organization.

3. Project mentored 4 Sothern Utah University (SUU) Outdoor Recreation and Physical Therapy (ORPT) students who worked on our name and logo design, vision and mission statements, and two education and community outreach events.

4. Helped organize our first Cedar City Slow Roll the Slow Roll Spooktacular where we picked a name and logo design. 

5. Co-hosted our first outreach event with the Iron County Care and Share (ICCS) repairing 31 kids' bikes for their clients for the holidays.

To keep updated on our current events and programing

make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 

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